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Nilton Ramalho

Nilton Ramalho was born in Rotterdam, Holland. Son of Cape Verdean parents, Nilton grew up listening to his father’s records, James Brown, Steel Pulse and Cape Verdean Show to name a few.

In 1997, Nilton joined forces with Adilson Dos Santos Ben-David, Nelson Oliveira, Nelson Freitas and Quatro was born. Their first hit was ‘Hoje em dia’ (now a days) on the compilation album ‘Mobass’. Their first hit single ‘si bo kre’ (if you want to) from their debut album ‘4-Voz’ (four voices) proved to critics that they had the vocal ability and raw talent to be a success.

Their second album ‘Bem Conche’ (get to know us) produced many hit singles such as ‘Kazanga’ (don’t get mad) which was their biggest hit. ‘Kazanga’ was written by Nilton and Nelson de Freitas and was co produced with M&N productions (who are also responsible for Nilton’s debut solo album ‘Dangerous’). Their second album elevated them to number one spots on several African music charts and at the peak of their success in 2002, they were awarded “best group” at the first annual Cabo Music awards.

Quatro Plus was responsible for a new sound called ‘Ghettozouk’ which placed them on the map. After ten successful years and their third and final album ‘Ultima Viagem’ (the last voyage), each went their separate ways to focus on solo projects.

Nilton once more joined forces with M&N productions and ‘Dangerous’ soon became a reality. On this new Album, Nilton collaborated with various great artists such as Qian Lima (another talented producer), Johnny Ramos, Chelsy Shantel, Eddy Parker (former member of Quatro Plus), GMB and William Araujo to bring a new sound without betraying the Quatro sound that brought him to where he is today.

Nilton is now an artist much in demand across Europe and beyond. ’Dangerous’ has pushed him to the top of the Zouk/Kizomba market. With such influences as R&B, hip hop, and of course Cape Verdean music, this album establishes Nilton Ramalho as an accomplished singer/songwriter who is now ready to take things to the next level. A star who is definitely on the rise and who one can expect big things from in the future.

Nilton Ramalho’s music was featured in the third episode of the Zouk Nation Podcast.

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