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“This site is dedicated to all the amazing and talented zouk instructors and zouk artists who have given so much to the zouk community over the years and continue to inspire us each and every day.”

- Nicholas Bambo,
Founder and Creative Director of Zouk Nation

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Nichols, born Stephen Nichols, had only one goal in his teens, becoming an athlete. He concentrated on  practicing a wide range of sports including, football, Thai boxing and swimming, until back problems finally put a stop to any possibility of a career. Instead he pursued a degree in marketing during the day, while he honed his dance skills at night clubs in the evening.

When one of his cousins formed a band live in 1990, he was asked to do the lead vocals. What followed were three years of meetings with the likes of Kaysha, Organiz, Roots Neg, Afrojazz, Kareen, and free styles in free radio stations, such as Lutece. It was a meeting with G. Raald, who represented Boston Angel, that would change everything. In 1992 Nichols signed to do an album “Zouk Rn’B” Créoland under the WIA (West Indies Attitude) label.

After that, Nichols chose to pursue a solo career with Artson Prod. In 1995, he produced his first single “Woy” But real success didn’t come until he release the album “Strip Tease” in 1999, which would turn out to be the second and last album produced by Artson Prod. Nichols, disappointed by the attitude of its producer, broke his contract and left the label.

2001 saw the release of the album “100% Player” under the Color Music label, but again he found himself to be disappointed by the distribution and promotion of the album. He followed this album up quickly with another album, “From Zouk to RnB” under Pastel Prod, but was once again dissatisfied with the final result.

Realizing that if he every hoped to find any success in the music industry that major changes would have to take place in 1999 he signed Krystel Deby as his manager and created Erogen Music. Together, they chose a new distributor, Harold Singamalon, the head of ‘Section Zouk, who was willing to invest in Nichols on long term basis.  These changes led to the release of “Hot” (Section Zouk distribution 2004) and a string of successful singles, “Zouk Bordel,” from the compilation album Section Zouk, Millennium 2003, and Kerinha, from the compilation album Cape Zouk 2 – Space Music Tropica 2003.

Finally having the freedom to do what he wanted, Nichols moved more into producing side of things and soon signed such new talent as Jamice, Iron, Michael IIWayz, Mrick Marcia, Priscilla. He also began composing songs for a number of different artists, such artists as Kaysha, “If you want me”, Talina, “The Cathedral”, “I’m ready,” “Nha dor,” to name a few, and for such Cape Verdean artists as William, “Bate corpo” and Elisio, “You never forget.”

Nichols’ music was featured in the fifth episode of the Zouk Nation Podcast.

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