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Episode 6, Sept. 2010

  1. Close My Eyes, Natacha Atlas (remixed by DJ Lowrider)
  2. Beijo Outra Boca, Anselmo Ralph
  3. Bia, Nelson Freitas
  4. Another Level, D. Lopes & Nilton Ramalho
  5. Here With Me, Sarah Brightman (remixed by DJ Israel Szerman)
  6. Blue Coast, Orleya (remixed by Mafie Zouker)
  7. Any Given Time, Outlandish
  8. I’ll Never Love Again, Taio Cruz (remixed by Max Blacksoul)
  9. Erika, Aminu


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“Greetings to all my zouk brothers and sisters, you’ve tuned into the Zouk Nation. A country with no geographic boundaries, no racial divisions or cultural differences. Just one thing that unites us, our everlasting love for this thing we call zouk…”

- Nicholas Bambo,
October 23, 2009


Join Us For the 8th Annual Dance Parade in NYC!

Zouk Nation invites Brazilian Zouk dancers from all over the world to join us for the 8th annual Dance Parade, on Saturday, May 17th, 2014 in New York City! Experience the excitement of being part of 10,000 dancers dancing down Broadway.
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Interview with Featured Instructor Claudia de Vries

Join me as I sit down with BraSaZouk’s very own Claudia de Vries as she explains how someone from Surinam came to own and run one of the most succesful and respected Brazilian Zouk dance school’s and provides a history of the dance in Holland.
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Interview with DJ Zoukerro

He is one the most popular Zouk deejays in Europe. Join me as I sit down with him to discuss how he got his start, and the challenges he often faces as a deejay and the producer of some of the hottest Zouk dance events in Holland.
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Interview with Zouk Instructor Marie Alonzo Snyder

Among the many IZFM stories I’ve heard this year, one of the most amazing and heart warming has to do with the efforts of one New Jersey instructor to teach some dancers in wheelchairs Zouk so they could participate in this year’s IZFM. < More >


Alisson & Audrey Zouk Lambada DVD Now Available!

The Holiday season is not far off and if you’re looking for ideas on what to get your dance partner or fellow Zouk Lambada, then you might want to consider the “Alisson and Audrey, Zouk Lambada video.” < More >


Interview with Zouk Instructor Natalie Savage

There are dozens of stories that have come out of IZFM 2013. Among the most inspiring concerns the efforts of a high school teacher in Miami to teach her students Zouk so they could participate in IZFM. < More >